Our English teacher – Karen Avila


Miss Karen is from San Diego, California where she obtained an International Baccalaureate focusing in Genetics and a degree in Literatures in English. Before joining ESB, she taught in primary and secondary schools in the U.S.A., Mexico, and Panama. She has been teaching since 2005 and finds joy in seeing students’ faces light up when they realize they understand. Thanks to her passion for languages and cultures she speaks English, Spanish, and French fluently, along with a Native American dialect known as Ngäbere. She uses her dance background in ballet, jazz, and tap in the classroom as well as many useful arts and crafts to make learning more interesting and tangible.

Our English teacher – Laura Maxwell


Miss Laura was born and raised in Australia, with an Australian father and English mother. After graduating from the University of New England, she taught English and History in Australian schools for six years at both primary and secondary level. Miss Laura LOVES teaching and feels passionately that she was born to teach. Outside the classroom she loves to travel, and everywhere she goes she takes her trusty teddy bear, Goody. She especially loves hiking, swimming and seeing nature.

Our English teacher – Rachel McKinnon


Miss Rachel is from Aberdeen, Scotland, but grew up in Cairo, Egypt, where she enjoyed horse riding around the Giza pyramids. In 2014 she completed her undergraduate degree, in English and Scottish literature, at the University of Aberdeen. After having worked as a youth worker, and teaching assistant, she cultivated a passion for teaching which led to her gaining a TEFL qualification in Aberdeen, and a PGCE ( Post graduate Certificate in Education ) from the University of Brighton. In her free time Miss Rachel loves playing board games such as Scrabble and she is fond of using educational games in her lessons! Her hobbies also include longboarding, travelling and spoken word poetry.

Our English teacher – Kayla Robinson


Miss Kayla is from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania where she received her bachelors in Secondary Social Studies Education with a minor in Educational Psychology. She also completed her CELTA certification in Athens, Greece, teaching English as a second language to adults. Before joining ESB, Ms. Kayla spent two years teaching secondary English Literature, Grammar, and World History at an International school in Shanghai, China. Outside of the classroom, she enjoys travel and exercise and recently became a certified fitness instructor for TRX training and boot camp. When she isn’t running around or teaching she usually has her nose buried in a book and is always more than happy to recommend some of her favourites, but be prepared for dystopian novels or historical texts! She also enjoys music and theatre, which she eagerly includes in her classroom activities.

Our English Teacher - Jocelyn Irvine


Miss Jocelyn grew up climbing trees and exploring the forests of Washington State, USA. Coming home with dirty, torn clothes after a long day of exploring is one of her favourite childhood memories. She has always loved discovering new places, and ever since her first trip abroad to Japan when she was fifteen, she hasn’t slowed down. Jocelyn has travelled to more than thirty countries in an international career spanning nearly ten years, and she is deeply passionate about culture and language. Although she is a bit rusty now, she used to speak both Dutch and Japanese fluently and is currently studying Hungarian. Jocelyn holds a Bachelor of Science in Recreation Business Management, a Washington State K-12 public school teaching license, and a Master of Science in Education. She loves to incorporate lots of drawing, board games, movement, and group fun in her lessons. In her free time, she enjoys distance running, aerobics, and cycling. If she’s not at the gym, she is probably at home cooking or reading a classic sci-fi novel.

Our English Teacher - Daniel Adams

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Mr Dan was born in Sheffield in the North of England. As an undergraduate, he moved to Aberdeen, Scotland, to study English and philosophy before moving again to write his Ph.D. in philosophical logic at the University of London. He has taught foundation, undergraduate, and master’s level courses in English and philosophy for the last nine years and, among several other academic awards, won a prize from Birkbeck College, London, for teaching excellence. He believes that most things sound more complicated than they really are and it’s a teacher’s privilege to help students to see this, whatever the subject. When he’s not teaching, Mr Dan enjoys graphic design, playing the guitar, travelling, and walking in the countryside, in fact walking in the city too!