Intensive English Programme

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img_8472Our Intensive English Program (IEP) Provides Students with a Fully-Immersive Academic English Experience

• Obtain a solid foundation in English in one academic year。 Extensive preparation for further studies in English at elite high schools or universities
• 6 lessons daily, Monday – Friday, centered around key concepts
• Presentation skills, summarization, vocabulary, and culture all explored

Our Program is Organized According to International Education Best-Practices

• Fully immersive, supportive, and friendly English learning environment
• Highly experienced, licensed teachers
• Small class sizes, personalized learning plans
• 3 90-minute periods daily, each lead by a different specialist

Parental Communication of Paramount Importance

• Students assessed in reading, writing, listening, and speaking upon arrival
• Personalized learning plans developed for each student individually
• Professional family liaisons who can be contacted at any point
• Formal monthly assessments and progress updates

Learning Materials Include

• A variety of articles, novels, films, and presentations concerning different academic topics
• In-depth investigations culminating in extended research projects
• Work individually designed in partnership with each student based upon their needs

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